For a 9th consecutive year, our company "Green Health" Ltd. has been progressively developing on the Bulgarian and foreign markets. And with every passing day, the company is stepping up more and more confidently and boldly, to prove to many more people that the secret of strong health is in nature.

Way back in 2008. our company started its activity with its first 3 completely natural products - the first Plant Viagra in our country, a Natural Fatburner and a powerful Immunomodulator. It was quite difficult to prove that the term "Nutritional Supplement" is not dangerous, but rather the opposite. It was also difficult for us to keep on the Bulgarian market, producing entirely natural dairy supplements. And ... here we are in 2017 - 9 years later, with even greater zeal and energy, with 9 natural products - to give you health from nature!

What do we do?

A number of you still have no confidence and clarity on the topic of nutritional supplements. Perhaps one of the reasons for this skepticism lies in the lack of transparency. And things are, in fact, quite simple. Bio-medicine and herbal medicine are as ancient as mankind, we are not the ones that found them. Green Health simply seeks to popularize them in the best way possible, with completely natural dietary supplements such as: Plant Viagra HARD MEN, Immunomodulator (Vitamin B17) , Antidepressant (5-HTP), Hepatoprotector (Hepa Health), Cardioprotector, Immunomodulator and powerful Adaptogen (Ecdysterone Leuzea), Aphrodisiac (Yohimbe), Brain Health, Fatburner SAG 8. And how does this happen?

Green Health develops and distributes its bioproducts only after thorough inspections and controls. Each of our raw materials has all the necessary qualities to become part of the production cycle. Precisely this way we can prove to all of you that each of our products is 100% natural, without parabens and without coloring.

We actively and strictly monitor and comply with all directives and requirements for verification and standardization. We apply the HACCP system, GMP, ISO, CE, as well as all necessary sanitary and phytosanitary certificates, physic-chemical analysis certificates, quality certificate, etc. With pride and smile, we can say that we will keep our current style of work to be even more useful to you!

What can we help you with?

Following the quality of our products, the most important for us are you - our users and your needs!

In the HEALTH PRODUCTS section, you can find detailed information about each product that we offer, their composition, instructions for admission, and the ordering options.

We tried to consult your needs - and created products for all those who have weight problems, weight loss difficulties, and cellulite, the most suitable is the SAG 8 Faturner, and those who have a slow metabolism and having difficulties fall asleep or suffer from migraines and headache - Antidepressant - 5 HTP. Often these two products combined give really great results.

For all those who have a disorder and problems with the gastrointestinal tract, liver, bile or hepatitis - we have chosen a powerful formula with turmeric and artichoke of HEPA HEALTH hepatoprotector.

To take care of your immune system and protect you from cancer - apricot nuts extract is completely natural and the Immunomodulator vitamin B17 is already at your disposal. B17 is also widely used by the cancer patients because it eliminates cancer cells.

The natural supplements - The Hard Man Vegetal Viagra and the Yohimbe Aphrodisiac are meant to boost your metabolism and give you strength and endurance, but they are powerful aphrodisiacs for both genders.

If you need to be more concentrated and productive as your work is largely tied to mental fatigue, the most suitable for you is BRAIN HEALTH which stimulates the blood circulation and the oxygen flow in the brain, enhancing concentration and memory.

Of course, given our hectic lifestyle, we also thought of a unique Cardioprotector, the COENZYME Q10, which not only controls cholesterol and glyceride levels but also has a rejuvenating effect.

And last but not least, ECDYSTERONE LEUZEA is the magic tablet, as it is often called, because the extract from Levsea really does magic with our body - it protects our hearts, while enhancing our work and energy, helping for fast recovery after mental and physical fatigue, and among other things is also a powerful Immunostimulator and an adaptogen. These are the reasons why ECDYSTERONE LEUZEA is so popular lately.

With our new 9 health products and 8 for sports, we set our ambitious goal of making you healthier and more beautiful, more successful and more smiling!

Our motto "Let's Give Health, It's Inspiring!" Does not stop reminding us all the time, that our most important mission is your health!