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BCAA is used as an abbreviation for three of the nine essential amino acids – leucine, isolvucine and valine. They are especially useful for maintaining muscle mass in a low-calorie diet where the body falls into a catabolic state – muscle breakdown.
The basic equation for muscle mass is:

muscle mass = amount of protein synthesized – amount of decayed protein

When the amount of protein synthesized is equal to the amount of fused, you do not increase or lose muscle mass. When the amount of protein synthesized exceeds that of the fused, you increase your muscle mass. But if the fission protein dominates the synthesizer, you lose muscle mass (catabolic effect).
In this case, BCAA can protect the muscles from the catabolic effect of your diet, by suppressing protein breakdown through a complex of biochemical reactions.

Conclusion of the Athlete’s Nutrition team:
From the above, it can be concluded that BCAAs are appropriate at every stage of the training process, with the most appropriate time for intake before, after or during training of 5g.


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