Prostate Health – A Product for the prostate and urogenital system

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Prostate Health is a 100% natural product designed to maximize the function of the prostate and the urogenital system in men.

Ingredients: Saw Palmetto, pumpkin seed extract, nettle root extract
Daily dose 1-2 tablets.

The urogenital system health is vital for the men!

Prostate Health is a natural product, which helps in the regeneration and the support of the prostate. At the same time it slows down the aging process and supply the body with vital powers.

Thanks to its ingredients – the Sao Palmetto extract and nettles:

– It has a positive and beneficial effect on the prostate and the genitourinary system.
 – When it comes to appetite, it helps to maintain the hormonal balance associated with normal prostate size
– With urinal infections (cystitis, urethritis, etc.)
– Supports the urinating
– Promotes male potency and spermatogenesis
– Antiseptic and Antibacterial Effects
– Its being used with urinating issues, lungs problems.
– Complaints and hypothesis of comprehension.
– It improves the potency.
– They have anti-inflammatory and anti-axidant effects.

Content: 20pcs. 1000mg.



What is important to know about Prostate Health?

Prostate Health is a 100% natural product without side effects.

How does Prostate Health work?

Phytosterols extracted from nettle and palmette are blocking the enzyme responsible for the transformation of free testosterone into toxic dihydrotestosterone. In this way:

- counteract muscle spasms, inflammatory processes and enlargement of the prostate
relieve the symptoms of frequent urination, difficulty in urinating, residual urination (incomplete bladder emptying), and nysthorax (frequent urination at night).
has a beneficial effect on the bladder and prostate gland;
reduces the need for frequent nighttime urination
helps to improve the functions of the genitourinary system.

Who is Prostate Health good for?

Prostate Health is suitable for people over 18 years of age. No side effects!

Prostate Health Ingredients:

Sao palme extract, Nettle root extract, Pumpkin extract

How to take Prostate Health?

1-2 tablets a day, after a meal. Please do not exceed the recommended daily dose!


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